We are islanders, bound to the sea and the land, which is why respecting the environment is not an imposition, it’s something we do naturally as Azoreans that love and value their home. As a business, we are even more aware of the impact of our actions. We feel a responsibility to do better, respect and influence all those we deal with, from employees and suppliers to travellers.

We would like to emphasise that our sustainable practices are present in all aspects of our business, namely from planning and construction to the daily operation of each of our units. Furthermore, we are actively involved with various organisations that encourage us to improve. We are signatories to the Cartilha da Sustentabilidade Açores (Azores Sustainability Guide) as well as a member of A.E.S.A – Associação Empresarial para a Sustentabilidade dos Açores (Azores Business Association for Sustainability). In addition, we are taking the first steps towards the recognised EarthCheck certification.

We have listed our main practices below:


Energy savings:

  • Use of solar energy panels to heat water and generate electricity;
  • Efficient air conditioning management system;
  • Double-glazed windows with thermal insulation;
  • Thermo-insulated terrace;
  • Minibars and all other energy-saving electrical equipment;
  • Minimum stock for frozen products, reducing the number of freezers as much as possible;
  • Use of LED lights and movement detection lighting throughout the hotel;
Water saving:
  • Collect, treatment and use of fluvial water for sanitary use and irrigation system;
  • Flow reduction/reducer on every taps;
  • The restaurant does not use towelling which saves a lot of energy and water;
  • Bed linen is changed every 2 days: when needed, when the guest requests it or at check-out;
  • Filtered water dispensers for free consumption by guests and staff.
Waste Reduction:
  • Selective recycling (glass, paper, plastic and metal, organic waste (compost), electrical and electronic equipment, batteries, oil, among others);
  • Using of recycled paper and recycled ink cartridges;
  • All data and processes are computerised, eliminating the use/printing of paper;
  • Automated detergent dispensing system for most chemical products;
  • Amenities in dispensers (rather than small individual amenities);
  • We are committed to the prevention of food waste;
  • We take part in environmental waste collection initiatives in order to raise awareness among our teams, guests and community in general.

On the social level

For the community:

  • Collaboration with Social Institutions (non-profit) through the provision of various materials and services (which contribute to proven social causes);
  • Donations to different institutions (which contribute to proven social causes);
  • Collaboration with schools and training organisations, particularly by providing educational tours, hosting trainees and providing job offers;
  • Open our facilities and offer our services to the entire local community;
  • Employment opportunities for the entire population of São Miguel Island.
For our staff:
  • 85% of our employees are part of the company’s workforce. Therefore, they experience security and stability in their jobs;
  • 95% of our employees are residents of the north coast, which has reduced our ecological footprint in terms of daily commuting;
  • We have above average salaries, several social benefits and opportunities for career development;
  • We admit employees without the minimum training required. We do work with these employees on their personal and professional development, we empower them and help them to acquire the necessary skills to carry out their work with autonomy;
  • Equal conditions for access, including no discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, race, disability or any other physical condition.

On an economic level

  • We are a financially sustainable business and we want to continue growing in a sustainable way, with a focusing on valuing people;
  • We are strategically situated on the northern coast of São Miguel Island to promote the sustainable development of the several rural areas in which we operate. Through our activity, we contribute to:
    • Retaining active young people on the north coast;
    • Fair trade with local producers (we recognise the value of seasonal products);
    • Economical development (cafés, restaurants, supermarkets, souvenir shops);
    • Preservation and respect for the local heritage.

These are the commitments of the four hotels, namely Hotel Verde Mar & SPA, Pedras do Mar Resort & SPA, Hotel Vale do Navio & Açorsonho Apartamentos Turísticos. 

This commitment is signed by more than 200 employees and thousands of guests that have chosen us to spend their holidays here in São Miguel (Azores).